Monday, May 19, 2008

Practice May 20/22; Friday 6pm Novato Game/Carpool; Garage Sale Postponed

Hi Team,

Friday Novato Game
We have carpools arranged for Friday's 6pm game at Novato High School 625 Arthur St. Novato CA 94947. See below.

Please send your daughters with money for dinner after game. Let me know how many parents will join for dinner so we can get a head count.

Brooke and Clair, are you driving to game? We don't have Ruby or Hanna assigned to a carpool. You can drive together to take advantage of carpool lane in holiday traffic, or Estrella has room; please contact her if you need to arrange a ride. (390-1141 cell or 521-3027 home.)

Saturday Garage Sale Postponed to June
Sheila will provide details later. Start setting aside your garage sale treasures.

Carpool w/Sheila (girls meet at her house at 3:30, leave before 4pm)

Carpool w/Audrey
Ayelet (meet at Audrey's house by 3:20)
Ellie (meet at Lucie's house at 3:40)
Lucie (Audrey picks up at 3:40)
Margaret (Audrey picks up at 3:50)
Kylie (meet at Margaret's at 3:50)


Google Maps directions to Novato High School

Practice May 20/22
We will practice both Tuesday and Thursday this week from 6-8 at Alameda Point. Game on Friday at 6 in Novato. Traffic may be difficult at that hour. We had Tuesday as a day off, but since we have a game this weekend we will practice both days. I hope that does not create any difficulty.